Charming Houses ?

Charming Houses was created in 2000

I set up this agency for the love of our beautiful residencies, our regions and our art de vivre (way of life). I love to give satisfaction and make people happy. Holidays are very important. Privileged moments when we can be together with the family, friends… I therefore invite you to come and drop your luggage here in our beautiful houses, our chalets, our sublime villas on the Mediterranean…

Jocelyne my partner, and I are at your disposal to help you finalize your holiday plans.

Available 7 / 7 days, we will always be keen to please you and advise you on the house which will best correspond to your needs and expectations. We know them all, our houses, and we rely on very serious partners and professionals for those we do not know.
For the past fifteen years our activity has been seasonal rentals and the sale of residencies of charm and luxurious properties, located in Provence, Corsica, French Alps, at Ibiza, Formentera and Elsewhere....

See you soon.

Marie Pierre


38, Bd Mirabeau - 13210 Saint Rémy de Provence - France   - Tel. + 33 (0)4 90 95 10 29

21, rue Gambetta - 13200 Arles - France  -  Tel.+33(0)4 90 91 02 05

Our job

Presently we offer a very large choice of charming or prestigious houses to rent on these destinations

Our Clientele, for its holiday rentals, seeks houses with character or residences out of the ordinary, often located in remote areas, far from the touristic centers, offering them relaxation and the authenticity of a region revealed through sightseeing.
We fulfill their desire by offering a very selective and rigorous choice, ensuring them on the quality of the services and of the equipments. Our success lies in the fact that we know all the houses we offer.

How do we work ?

Our communication utilizes mainly four types of actions:
Our website which benefits form an optimal international visibility in the main search engines (between 1000 and 4000 visitors per day), publicity in specialized press, participation in professional international fairs in France and abroad and a close collaboration with professional partners in the whole world.
Our work methodology is built on answering Clients within 15 minutes to 24 hours at the most, and this 7 / 7 days all the year round, sending the contract to the Clients within 48 hours maximum after receiving confirmation from them.
A strict and personalized follow-up of each rental file
Our positioning : we sell the guarantee of a good holiday in residencies that we and our partners have selected and loved for the quality of their tranquility, comfort and agreeable settings.
Our products : residencies selected and visited by Jocelyne or Marie Pierre before being entered in our on-line catalogue
Our relation with our partners and owners : they are based on transparency and service to the client. The appreciation of a property starts by visiting the premises and evaluate what is actually offered. Thus we can refuse houses which do not correspond to our criteria of quality.

Our Clients : present for fifteen years in this field we have an important list of clients, French or foreign, and we know their profile and expectations.
We have developed strong loyalty from 10% of our clients mainly of French and Belgian origin.
If we look at the typology of our Clients we can see that it consists mainly of members of the liberal professions, executives and company directors.
Origins of our Clients : France (60 %). Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands , United Kingdom (30%), USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Brazil, others (French expatriates based mostly in Asia) : 10%

Our realestate commission : 22% French taxes included

Legal information

Director of publication  : Marie Pierre Peilleron

Website and development + Design + Management + Reference  : VISIBLE
Rue de Lorme 13520 Les Baux de Provence- France

26, Avenue de la Praille
1227 Carouge / Genève
SUISSE +41 22 820 35 44
The website is fully owned by CHARMING HOUSES s.a.r.l.
Manageress : Marie-Pierre Peilleron , born 29th  January 1965 in Arles - Provence - France

S.a.r.l. with a capital of 300 euros
Registry of CommerceTarascon : 452 019 128
SIRET : 45201912800035  (siège social Saint Rémy de Provence)
SIRET : 452 019 128 00043 (établissement secondaire Arles)
Professional Card N°CPI 1301 201 000 017 790 (452 019 128) - Until 29/04/2026
Financial Cover : 30 000 euros QBE Insurance Paris
Personal information
Generally you can browse over our website without having to decline your name or provide personal information. However, sometimes we may request from you some information. For example, to deal with an order, or establish some correspondence. We can complete this information in view of closing a deal.



38, Bd Mirabeau - 13210 Saint Rémy de Provence - France - Tel. + 33 (0)4 90 95 10 29
21, rue Gambetta - 13200 Arles - France - Tel. +33(0)4 90 91 02 05

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How to book ?

How to make a reservation?

1/ Fill in the form on Charming Houses’ website or telephone us to reserve your holiday house.

2/ A commitment contract will be sent to you and to be returned by post, to Charming Houses, in three copies, each signed for agreement, and within 8 days of receiving it. Beyond that lapse of time, the reservation will be considered null and void. The general sales conditions, (available on our website) will be sent to you and will have to be signed by you and sent back as well to Charming Houses, in two copies and within the same time lapse.

3 / After confirmation of the reservation, on receiving the commitment:
Within 8 days a down payment is to be made (25% of the rent) to the owner of the house, by cheque or bank transfer.
Payment within 8 days of Charming Houses’ agency fees, to be made by cheque or bank transfer.

4/ The remaining balance is to be paid directly to the owner, 1 month before or on the day of your arrival.

5/ For payments from outside Europe :
For all payments by bank transfer originating from outside Europe, an additional 25 Euros will be charged for the inter-bank fees.


Tel. + 33 (0)4 90 95 10 29
Mobile : + 33 (0)6 22 77 92 00 

38, Bd Mirabeau - 13210 Saint Rémy de Provence - France

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Terms of rentals

Vacation Lease General terms

You will find under the general terms for rented. For more informations, contact us.

I / Legal terms : It is hereby agreed by both parties that said leasing of the Premises located at 1810 chemin de la rose – 13100 Aix en Provence is limited to vacation and leisure. Furthermore, it is hereby agreed that these Premises shall not be used by Tenant as a primary or secondary residence, nor shall Tenant engage in any commercial business from the Premises. Furthermore, it is understood by both parties that this contract shall be governed in accordance with the provisions of local/regional legal code.

II / Lease Term : Upon Tenant’s receipt of keys this Lease shall remain in full force and effect until the date of expiration. This Lease shall not be extended unless said extension is mutually agreed upon, in writing by both Landlord and Tenant.

III / Formation of the Contract : Tenant enters into contract with Landlord by signing the Vacation Lease Agreement and returning it, along with all specified deposit monies to Landlord’s broker, Charming Houses. The remaining balance shall be paid upon Tenant’s arrival and receipt of keys to the Premises, or according to the Landlord’s policy. Verification by Landlord or Charming Houses (broker) : Within ten days of the receipt of signed Vacation Rental Agreement and receipt of deposit monies Landlord or its broker, Charming Houses agrees to notify Tenant with a confirmation of the Premises availability or to return the deposit monies if said Premises is no longer available. On express order of the Tenant, Landlord or its broker, Charming Houses will hold the deposit monies until a similar facility can be secured for the desired Lease Term. The agreement : When the deposit for the reservation is made the contract between Landlord and Tenant comes into full force and effect. As a result, if either party does not carry out its obligations as outlined in the Vacation Rental Agreement, the other party can collect any and all funds owed. In the event of a cancellation by the Tenant, the deposit and the agency fees are non refundable.

IV / Security Deposit : Upon arrival, Tenant agrees to pay Landlord a check in the form of a Security Deposit. The amount of Security Deposit shall be specified . Security Deposit shall be held by Landlord in the event of any damage done to furniture or other parts of the Premises. Tenant further agrees that all objects lost, broken, destroyed, damaged must be replaced or reimbursed to the Landlord at its said value of replacement.specified Amounts of the rent , taxes (annual representative contribution of the law of lease, local tax…), conditional charges and of the bailment of security guarantee are indicated on the vacation rental agreement. Said Security Deposit shall in any other case be determined as a part of the rent under the Lease. Upon return of the keys. The guarantee is managed by the lessor. On the arrival, the tenant will register between hands of the lessor this guarantee (the amount is defined on the vacation rental agreement). This guarantee is in case of any damages due to the tenant. All lost thing and furniture, discharged, wasted, spoilt have to be replaced or paid to the lessor by the tenant (value of replacement). This guarantee can be considered as the payment of the rental.

After keys restoration or within 10 days(after inventory and final cleaning), in the absence from established degradation in the places state of brought out contradictorily settled by lines of businesses , the guarantee will be returned to the tenant. In case of problems and degradation of the places, the guarantee will be returned to the tenant within 60 days (deduction referring to repairs..)

Final cleaning can be charged to the tenant. Its amount is defined in the vacation rental agreement. The keys restoration to the lessor, in fine of renting, do not imply quitclaim of the lessor to indemnities for the referring to letting repairing , if it proves that nuisances are facts of the tenant.

V / Lodging conditions : Premises bringing the article of vacation rental agreement and general terms must not be occupied , under by a superior number to the one scheduled in particular terms of the vacation rental agreement, without previous lessor agreement. The case falling , the lessor will be able to claim a supplement of rent, or to refuse the entry in places.

VI / Principal obligations of the Tenant 1 Occupy places in a simple way , to the exclusion of the exercise of all business, profession or industry, the tenant recognizing these conditions, major terms without who renting presents would not have been consented him. 2 Nothing not to bring who , of his fact or of the fact of his family or of his relations, could prejudicial to the peacefulness of the neighbourhood or other occupying. 3 Occupy places personally. Not hiring them to anybody else, even free,neither to dispose of his laws to renting presents , except with the lessor agreement. 4 Not to change any furniture of the premises. 5 Not to have pets ( cats dogs , .) in hired premises without previous lessor’s agreement. The possibility of detention being subordinated to the fact that the animal does not state the considerations of none waste to the real estate neither none dimly of possession in the neighbourhood. 6 To maintain hired places and to let them in good state of cleanliness. 7 To inform immediately the lessor of all loss and degradations producing in hired places, same if it not in results any visible nuisance. 8 To answer degradations and losses who arrive by his clean fact or by the persons fact of his house , during the possession of premises. 9 To contact the lessor 48 hours before the arrival in order to arrange the appointment (hour and place) 10To contact the lessor 3 days before the departure in order to organize it.

VII / Principal obligation of the Lessor : 1 To deliver hired places in good state of use, and mentioned equipments in the vacation rental agreement in good state of working. 2 To guarantee to the tenant the peaceful possession hired places and to warrant him vices and defaults. 3 To maintain premises in state to serve to the made provision for use. 4 In case of renting in a collective real estate , to communicate to the tenant the domestic arrangement of the real estate or to display him in common lines of businesses of the premises.

For the presents performance, lines of businesses are election of domicile to their respective indicated addresses on the vacation rental agreement. The Court of Justice of the rental place is qualified.



Tel. + 33 (0)4 90 95 10 29
Mobile : + 33 (0)6 22 77 92 00 

38, Bd Mirabeau - 13210 Saint Rémy de Provence - France

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Cancellation Insurance


Protect yourself against unexpected events and unpleasant surprises which could ruin your stay!
If you have made a reservation for a holiday home, we propose a made-to-measure insurance policy, entirely adapted to your needs.

This service is handled by the insurance agent Cabinet Albinet SA.

PLEASE NOTE : you have up to ten days only, starting from the reservation date, to subscribe to an insurance policy.



ADAR : European Union Rentals

Knowing the amount of the premium for a policy covering cancellation, interruption, and tenant’s civil liability which entitles to:

Be reimbursed of the sums paid or to be paid (down payments or deposits) in case of unforeseen events that prevent you to come to the location of your holidays.

To have a tenant’s risks civil liability insurance against material damages caused by fire, explosion, water damage (this insurance is compulsory for rental risks)



Your agency puts at your disposal prestigious goods.

During your stay you have to subscribe a civil liability insurance contract against damages caused for which it will be automatically assumed that you are responsible being the tenant. (You will be requested to provide an insurance certificate the day you move in).

The Cabinet Albinet proposes an adapted solution to your needs: ADAR LUXE

You will benefit of the following guaranties:

- A civil liability policy as tenant for any damages to the movables and immovables belonging to your landlord, the neighbors and third parties.

- A compensation for your personal goods in case of damage.

This insurance policy covers worldwide tenants renting in France for periods of less than six months.

To receive a personalized quotation, click here.




Tel. + 33 (0)4 90 95 10 29
Mobile : + 33 (0)6 22 77 92 00 

38, Bd Mirabeau - 13210 Saint Rémy de Provence - France

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Dear Sir or Madam,

We thank you for your interest in our company and we would be delighted to have you amongst our partners.

Many house owners have already been convinced by our flexible and professional working methods. I hope it will be the same for you.

We will come to visit your property and take photos, make a complete description and draw-up a proxy for seasonal rental between you and Charming Houses.

We do not require to be sole agents, which thus enables you to rent your house on your own initiative or through another colleague.

We establish our agency fees (between 10% and 20 %) above the net rental price to be agreed on.

We also ask for an annual subscription of 75 Euros to display your property on our website.

We will never sign a rental agreement prior to your consent.

We send via e-mail the rental contracts to our Clients.

A down payment corresponding to 25% of your net price is asked to the Client the day of reservation. Payment is made by  bank transfer.

The Client pays as well our agency fees on the day of reservation.

The outstanding rental amount is to be paid one month prior to moving in.

A deposit (the amount of which is to be decided between us) is paid by the tenant on his day of arrival to the person welcoming him.

Additional costs (house cleaning at the end of the period, the rental of the house linen, electricity, heating, and so on …) are settled either on the arrival or on the departure of the Clients (if it is necessary to read the electricity meter for example).

We have a contractual agreement that the tenants have to provide a civil liability insurance policy extended to vacation periods.

Furthermore, we entrust our owners with the arrival and departure of our Clients, as well as handing over the keys and establishing the inventory of state.


A different approach to real estate services…

If you wish to entrust us with your property, contact us

See you soon !

Marie Pierre


Tel. + 33 (0)4 90 95 10 29
Mobile : + 33 (0)6 22 77 92 00 
38, Bd Mirabeau - 13210 Saint Rémy de Provence - France

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You are a real estate rental agency, or a travel agency …
Let’s develop our partnership

You are a travel agency, a tour-operator, a company handling house rentals in France, a general services company,

For their holidays or specific events, your clients ask you to find for rent houses or chalets with charm or prestige in Provence, in Megève, along the Basque coast or further away in the Mauritius Island

We can work in partnership and thus bring satisfaction to your clients

We are a French Company, clearly identified and created in 2000
Our website :
Available for rent : over 800 houses of charm or prestige
We have a long experience in tourism, real estate, event organization
We know all the houses we offer.
We could, this way, give some clear advice and a professional eye for a successful holiday or event for your clients.
 We answer to e-mails or telephone 7/7 days
 Partnership offer and commission:
We retrocede a net commission based on the rental value. The amount of the commission will be upgraded depending on the volume of transactions made but with a guaranteed minimum of 5 %

It’s in our mutual interests...
See you soon


Marie Pierre


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